Inbalika interior architecture studio was founded in 2008 by Inbal Tsalka. The studio specializes in interior planning and design of various spaces for apartments and private houses (either new or as part of a renovation project), as well as public spaces for offices, lobbies, stores, restaurants and bars.

Every project is different, reflecting the space, budget, requirements and the client’s personality. Nevertheless an identical set of design principles is applied to a similar process. We strive to create spatial harmony, with each and every element representing the very best and complementing each other.

We strongly believe that quality interior design, like good personal styling, brings out the personality and style of the residents while providing them with a practical, comfortable and personalized environment. Similarly, interior design of a public space reflects and emphasizes the company’s branding and its values, and projects them to employees and visitors as they walk through the location. In order to achieve that we develop a personal relationship with each of our clients, get to know them in depth and create the bond between them and the space provided while relating to trends, budget and the environment.

We ensure that we keep innovating by ongoing study of new trends and technologies across the globe. We apply our knowledge to our projects, making each project unique. The challenges we face with each and every project are what makes our job so fascinating and satisfying and keep feeding our long lasting passion for our work.