At Inbalika we specialize in projects from the private sector-

  • Interior planning and design of private homes from the shell, including optimal planning of the internal space in harmony with the house facade and exterior.
  • Interior planning and design for apartments, including renovation and construction, to create a perfect fit between the client requirements modern and up-to-date design language.
  • Interior design for apartments bought as an investment, including interior planning, selection of finishing materials and planning of constructed elements.

We also provide services to the public and commercial sectors-

  • Design of lobbies and public areas in new or renovated buildings
  • Design of working environments and offices, ensuring maximum use of the space while keeping in mind employees’ needs and company branding.
  • Design and planning of stores, bars and restaurants, reflecting the target audience, branding and creating the desired atmosphere that will make your customers keep coming back.



Inbalika is a boutique studio, and each of our clients receives our full attention with a professional and thorough service from day one until the finish line. From choosing the property through planning of the interior space, picking the materials until the last accessory is in place. Together with our clients we go through an extensive process that starts with understanding their requirements and dreams, continues with detailed planning of each room and ends with a space that best represents them.


Let’s meet – Introduction, Preparation and Research

Before we begin the planning and design we need to get to know each other and set expectations. We will learn your requirements, and dreams and in parallel study the pros and cons of the given space.

Preliminary planning – that’s what it’s all about

After studying your habits and needs as well as the provided space we now match the two, search how to empower the advantages of the space, stretch its limits and try to use its disadvantages to leverage them into surprising and creative benefits. We will bring all of the above into play in a design concept while providing a number of position sketches for the space, out of which we will select the one that best suits you.

Getting down to business – detailed planning and choosing the finishing materials

Based on the chosen sketch we will prepare a comprehensive plan set that will be submitted to the constructor. We will assist you in the selection of finishing materials, coatings, colors and other elements required for execution. We’ll spend time planning and selecting lighting fixtures, in order to create the desired depth in the space that will satisfy your functional requirements while creating the right atmosphere. Together we will make the right material combinations according to the chosen design style, decide on their position in the space down to the smallest detail.

From dream to reality – fulfilment and onsite visits

Our team of experts will recommend reliable professionals and work with them throughout the process to on-time resolution of any issues with the plan. The team also provides professional solutions on-site so you can rest assured the project is executed from start to finish according to plan.

What else?

Home styling

Using the right styling that combines functionality and esthetics without one coming at the expense of the other, we will assure that your home reflects who you are and expresses your personal taste. We will assist you in the selection of furniture, accessories, soft furnishings and art while making sure they complete each other in harmony.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui originates in ancient China. It refers to the organization of the structure and its various elements in order to achieve harmony and positive energy. The studio works in cooperation with an expert on the subject in order to plan the construction of the building, the division of space, the the furniture and the choice of colors according to the Feng Shui map of the given space.

Managing suppliers and receiving goods

You know the feeling at the end of the project that it’s never ending? The studio staff will be at your service for the coordination and transportation of all the furniture and accessories so that you can free up time for other activities and finish the project in a positive frame of mind.